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"When we discovered a leak in our 3-year old roof, we thought the worst. The Elizabeth Roofers provided a clear, concise inspection and roof estimate recommending a solution for our roof. Definitely recommend their roof services! Fast & affordable!"
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Great Service Begins & Ends With The Elizabeth Roofers

Elizabeth Roofing Services

High-quality roof inspections & repairs
Rapid roof replacement & new construction
New roof installation using popular materials

But Wait! There's More...

Metal, tile, & flat roof repair
Comprehensive commercial roofing
Repair of leaky residential & business roofs

Why We're Awesome Roofers

We're vetted & approved by insurance agents
We background check all of our employees
We're available for 24/7 EMERGENCY service

Want the Best Roof in Elizabeth, NJ? Hire our Contractors!

The Elizabeth Roofers have been in business for decades. We've perfected our methods, learned new techniques, and have acquired industry-leading tools & equipment during that time. We have a real understanding of how important your roof is, whether it be over your family home or commercial business. Our team cares about your safety and the health of your roofing system.

Unlike other roofing companies, you can always count on the roofing materials we use in Elizabeth to be of top-notch quality. Our roofing contractors never cut corners when it comes to your roof. Our roofing company believes that a long-lasting roof begins with durable materials. with our experience, knowledge, and products, you can have peace of mind that your roof will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance measures.

We aren't your average roofers in Elizabeth, NJ; we're something unique. Our prices are always affordable, and we offer FREE estimates. It isn't our nature to bankrupt our customers with sky-high rates but rather to help them get a safe & secure roof over their heads. Should you have an unforeseen emergency, we'll be there to help you. Call us any time, day or night.

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Our Elizabeth Roofer's Featured Work

How Our Roofers in Elizabeth Begin Your Project

We follow a strict, infallible protocol for commercial and home roofing processes. Count on your local roofing contractors!
Step 1


Your Elizabeth roofer will meet with you at an appropriate time of your choosing to go over the issues with your roof and what you're looking to have us do. Whether you require roof repair or a brand new installation, we'll give you a rock-solid free estimate with no strings attached. Now is the time to ask us any questions and express your concerns.
Step 2


Once you've reviewed your estimate and agree to hire our team, we will get to work on ordering your roofing materials from our distributors. We work with many reputable companies that supply us with every type of roofing material imaginable. This process should take a week or two to complete.
Step 3


On the day of your roof installation or repair, we'll go over our process with you and how long we project it to take. Our contractors will also discuss our exclusive company warranties and guarantees on materials and services. We fully back our labor and products for your peace of mind!
Your complete Satisfaction matters most to us!

Elizabeth Roofers Work With ALL Roof Types & Styles

Our contractors are experts in all roofing materials, and they know how to install any type of roof system perfectly. From common styles to more advanced roofs, you can bet on our team delivering results you can trust.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are commonly used in the roofing industry because they are affordable, fire-resistant, and easy to maintain. They are a great choice for both commercial and residential roofing projects and always look incredible.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are stylish, long-lasting, and impervious to rot & insect damage. These types of roofs are known to withstand any type of weather-related issues, from hail to high winds. Our roofers in Elizabeth, NJ are experienced in tile roofing.

Metal Roofing

When it comes to roofing materials in Elizabeth NJ, metal is among the strongest. Did you know that a metal roofing system last upwards of 50 years? Plus, metal roofs are wildly energy efficient for your home or office building.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing systems are aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and weather resistant. Our team takes measures to ensure your cedar shake roof is completely fireproof, too. Are you ready to learn more? Visit our blog or call us now.

Slate Roofing

If you want to take a customized approach to your roof, you should consider slate. This material has a unique look, is known for longevity, and requires minimal maintenance. Homes with slate roofs are more likely to sell than others.

Rubber & Flat Roofing

Rubber & flat roofs are less likely to crack or become brittle due to extreme temperatures. This is good news for us New Jersians, because we can experience some brutal winter weather. Rubber roofs are also resistant to UV ray breakdown.

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FAQs About Our Roofing Services in Elizabeth, NJ

Are you considering professional roofers in Elizabeth, NJ to complete your repair or installation project? Below we'll answer a few questions that might be on your mind. If you can't find your answer here, we invite you to give us a call.

How do I choose the best roofing company?

Choosing a professional roofing company is no lighthearted decision. You should base your choice on experience, performance, rock-solid reviews, and warranties offered. Most roofers offer a free estimate to their customers. This is a time where you should ask questions and express your concerns. If those questions are answered satisfactorily and the estimate is clear, the company is most likely a good choice. However, it's a good idea to receive multiple estimates prior to choosing.

How dangerous is being a roofer?

Roofers face more challenges other than falling. Things like chemical burns and electrocution are dangers that roofers are exposed to while on the job. This is why experience and training are crucial to being a roofer, and homeowners should never try to DIY their roofing projects.

What questions should I ask a roofer?

Always inquire whether a roofer is a licensed contractor, if they carry workman's comp and general liability insurance, if they use subcontractors, and if they remove old roofing systems and haul them away. Homeowners should always come up with a list of your own questions in addition to these to be well informed and ask questions related to the unique roof and situation.

Services Our Elizabeth Roofing Contractors Offer

When it comes to building roofs, our contractors don't play around! They offer various professional Elizabeth roofing services like roof inspections, replacements, and installations for commercial and residential properties. If our roofers can't do it (which never happens), nobody can.

Reliable Roof Inspections in Elizabeth, NJ

A strong, sturdy roof begins with a dependable roof inspection performed by experienced roofers. Our contractors will take a thorough account of your roofing system and ensure that it is free of damage and functioning as it should. We won't leave any shingle uncovered.

At The Elizabeth Roofers, we follow a particular, rigid protocol when conducting an inspection of your roof. Any discrepancies, no matter how big or small, will be noted and discussed with you. Our findings will determine the course of action we take to repair your roof. Let's get you set up with an appointment now!
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Professional Elizabeth Roof Repair -24/7 EMERGENCY Service!

Our roofers are quick to respond to roofing system malfunctions with the necessary roof repair in Elizabeth. It doesn't matter if you schedule this service weeks ahead of time or if a tree falls on your home at 3 am; our team will promptly and efficiently answer the call of duty. Your safety and the integrity of your property are important to us.

Using high-quality tools and materials, our team offers the best roof repair in the entire state. It doesn't matter the type or style of roof you have; we are able to make sufficient repairs using state-of-the-art equipment. You can fully depend on our licensed and insured contractors to make sure your roof is in tip top shape once again. Call our roofers in Elizabeth, NJ 24-hours a day!

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Our Roofers in Elizabeth Offer Substantial Replacement Services

For whatever reason, your roof may need professional roof replacement in Elizabeth NJ, and when it does, our team at The Elizabeth Roofers is here to help. Roofs that were not installed properly may need premature replacement. In some cases, poor-quality materials were used and are starting to breakdown.

We are experts at commercial and residential roof replacement. It doesn't matter the size or style of roofing system that you have; our crew can tackle the project with gusto. Get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE estimate. We look forward to getting your roof replacement underway.
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Elizabeth Roof Installation You Can Trust

Are you shingle curling, blowing off into the yard, and cracking? Perhaps, it's time for roof installation in Elizabeth? If you're interested in obtaining a roof that'll last a lifetime with minimal maintenance measures, The Elizabeth Roofers is the company to call. 

We also extend our services to folks who are building brand new homes or businesses from the ground up. You'll need a roofing specialist to install your brand-new roof. We use top-rated technology, tools, and materials to get the job done right the first time. Our team excels in the installation of any type & style of roof under the sun. Tell us what you want, and we will deliver!

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Our Elizabeth Roofers Excel at New Roof Construction

Building your house from the ground up is a big project, and it's something we're ready to take on! New roof construction is more than merely slapping some shingles onto some wood. There is framework to be built, materials to be ordered, and ensuring the correct equipment is in place.

You can fully rely on our roofers in Elizabeth, NJ to complete your new roof construction project with expertise. Before we begin the process, we'll sit down with you and get a good feel for what style you're looking for and go over the types of roofing systems that'll work best for your circumstances.
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High-Quality Commercial Roofing for Your Elizabeth Business

Commercial roofing in Elizabeth, NJ is a whole different ballgame in comparison to residential roofing. Yes, there are similarities, but commercial roofs are often much bigger, uniquely shaped, and require different materials. We offer these commercial roofing systems:

  • Flat Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Shingle Roofing
  • Built-up Roofing

Depending on the type of building your commercial property is, we also offer a few other options to choose from. Get in touch with The Elizabeth Roofers today to schedule an appointment for your FREE commercial roofing estimate.

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Our Roofers - Elizabeth, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Our company feels that everyone should have access to affordable, trusted roofers in Elizabeth, NJ. That's why we've expanded our service areas to reach your neighborhood. If you live in or by the following cities, we invite you to give us a call for the best roofing service in the state.

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We Take Roofing to New Heights in Elizabeth

The Elizabeth Roofers is your one-stop-shop for roof repair, replacement, and installation services. Learn how we can improve your roof by scheduling a professional inspection today! Call us at (908) 965-8553
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