How Is a Roof Inspection Completed In Elizabeth?

January 28, 2022

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It’s time for a roof inspection in Elizabeth! A full-scale inspection spots damage a property owner might overlook. In turn, you can schedule timely repairs, preventing damage from getting more extensive and costly to address.

If you’ve never scheduled a roof inspection for your property, you might wonder how it’s performed. Homeowners especially wonder if a contractor needs to access the home’s interior! A roof repair contractor near you can explain steps taken when they inspect a roof. In the meantime, note how these inspections are usually completed and what information they reveal.

What is Included in a Roof Inspection for Elizabeth Properties?

Professional roofers usually break down an inspection into four parts; the first is a roof’s structure. Next, its materials and a property’s interior. Finally, your roof installation or repair workmanship. Check out some added details about each of these so you know what to expect with a roof inspection.

Roof structural inspection

A damaged roof structure can result in an uneven surface or plane. Inspectors will check the roof’s level as well as vents, gutters, soffits, and other features. Any sagging or unevenness around the roof or these features indicates needed repairs.

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Roof materials inspection

During this part of the inspection, a contractor will check for buckled or curled shingles, and missing tiles or shingles. He or she will also look for missing nails and connectors, rust, and damaged flashing. They will also note any mold, moss, or algae growing along the roof.

An inspector will also check the rubber booting or gaskets around vents and other roof openings. He or she should also check for damage or blockage around the vents.

Property interior inspection

Roof damage often leads to interior water leaks. In turn, a roof inspector will typically want to check a structure’s attic or upper stories for stains along the ceiling and elsewhere. They will also look for mold, rot, and trapped humidity, or other interior signs of roofing damage.

Inspecting workmanship

Workmanship affects a roof’s overall condition and longevity! Poor-quality installation techniques can mean gaps between shingles or loose shingles and tiles. Inspectors check for these gaps and unevenness. An inspector will also check flashing installation, to ensure the roof is watertight.

When Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

A roof less than five years old and in good condition typically won’t need an inspection. Once the roof is more than five years old, however, property owners should consider annual inspections. At the very least, schedule an inspection every other year!

Regular, frequent inspections are especially vital for older roofs. Over time, roof materials degrade and break down. In turn, an older roof is usually more likely to suffer cracks, leaks, missing shingles, and other damage.

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Property owners should also schedule roofing inspections after storms have moved through the area. Remember that roof damage only gets worse the longer it’s ignored! Inspections and timely fixes keep your repair costs as low as possible. High-quality repairs also help prevent secondary damage such as interior water leaks.

When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Schedule a roof inspection anytime you suspect or outright see damage along its surface. In other cases, consider a roof inspection in fall at the latest, before cold weather arrives. It’s vital you schedule roof repairs and ensure a watertight surface before snow hits the roof! Quality shingles and tiles in good condition also reduce ice dams and other damage.

It’s also good to schedule roof repairs before the weather turns cold, as shingles cannot seal properly in frigid temperatures. An inspection in fall gives you time to schedule those repairs so they don’t need to wait until spring.

Should You Schedule Repairs or New Roof Installation?

If a roof inspection has spotted severe or extensive damage, should you schedule repairs or a new roof installation? First, note that an older roof is often best replaced, as it will continue to degrade over time. Next, consider that a new roof might offer added insulation, improved curb appeal, and increased property values!

On the other hand, high-quality roof repairs can offer a strong, solid surface overhead for years to come. If the roof decking, underlayment, and other materials are in good condition, new shingles or tiles are often sufficient. Keeping gutters clean and a roof washed of debris can ensure those repairs last as long as possible!

The Elizabeth Roofers is happy to bring this information about roof inspections in Elizabeth to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful in knowing what’s involved and when to schedule an inspection for your property! If you’re in the market for expert fixes, call our Elizabeth roof repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and price quotes, and convenient appointments. All our work is fully guaranteed in writing. So, what are you waiting for? Call today to get started with all the roofing services you need to have done.


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