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Your Roofing Estimate is Always On the House

Yes, you read that right. Your roof estimate is FREE!

Your roof, aside from your home's foundation, is the most important part of your structure. After all, it keeps rain, birds, insects, and other elements off you and your property. When an issue occurs with your roofing system, it is imperative it gets corrected immediately.

Our roofing estimates in Elizabeth are completely FREE and have no string attached. We'll give you an estimate and discuss your options with you. Should you decide to hire us for professional repair, replacement, or installation services, that's great!

However, if you decide not to go with The Elizabeth Roofers, we understand, and there'll be no hard feelings. Your complete satisfaction is what matters most to our contractors.

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Our Expert Elizabeth Roofing Services

Faithful Roof Inspections in Elizabeth, NJ

Our roof inspectors are highly skilled and qualified to conduct an inspection of both residential and commercial roofing systems. We follow a strict protocol of steps that result in no nook or cranny being overlooked. If there is an issue with your roof, you can bet that we'll find it.

We look for things like curling shingles, loose shingles, problematic flashing, issues with your chimney, and many other components. You can count on our team to be knowledgeable in all types and styles of roofs, not just shingles. Having a professional inspection of your roof is wise because it tells you if there are problems that require your attention so the proper repairs can be made.

The longer a damaged roof is neglected, the more costly the repairs are going to be. Are you ready for your roof inspection? Call us now to set up an appointment.

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Affordable Roof Repair for Your Elizabeth Home & Business

Unfortunately, commercial and residential roofs need repair services from time to time. Damages can be caused by storms, high winds, or a poorly installed roof. Whatever the case might be, The Elizabeth Roofers can determine the root cause of your roof damages and come up with a repair plan that not only fixes the issue but ensures that it doesn't happen again. Here are some of the most common problems that we repair:

  • Leaky pipe collars, flashing, & chimneys
  • Loose & damaged shingles
  • Damage to fascia
  • Rotting wood
  • Compromised venting
  • Collapsed roofing systems

If your roof is in need of some professional TLC, please, don't hesitate to call our team for roof repair in Elizabeth NJ. We are available 24/7 for emergency services.

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Roof Replacement in Elizabeth, NJ, You Can Rely On!

Certain roofing systems, like various types of asphalt, require replacing after 15 years. Other roofs might be so damaged that repair isn't an option. Our team is ready to tackle your roof replacement with gusto no matter what the cause of the damage is. We'll assess your property and determine the best style and type of roofing material to use as well as glean feedback from you. Here are the four most popular roof replacement materials that we use:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Wooden Shingles & Shakes
  • Metal
  • Slate

We want you to feel comfortable with our capabilities. Know that each of our roofers is licensed, insured, and expertly trained in roof replacement. Before we begin, we'll give you a FREE estimate of what your replacement will cost.

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We Give You the Elizabeth Roof Installation of Your Dreams

Have you had a dream home in mind since you've been a kid? Perhaps, you can't seem to find the house on the market that matches your expectations, so you turn to the next best thing, which is to build your humble abode from the ground up. How exciting!

Now, you'll need a professional roofer to complete new roof installation, and we have the perfect company in mind. The Elizabeth Roofers have every that they need to quickly and efficiently place a new roof onto your home using high-quality equipment and tools.

The materials we use come from reputable distributors, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We offer a variety of roofing styles to choose from, like asphalt shingles, slate, and metal. Let's get together and discuss your roofing plans today! Remember, you'll get a FREE estimate and competitive pricing.

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Superior New Roof Construction in Elizabeth - We Make it Happen!

New roof construction in Elizabeth begins with a reliable company that is completely transparent, affordable, and strives for total customer satisfaction. Our company fits all of those characteristics. Here's how we'll begin your new roof construction project:

  • Consider the climate you live in
  • Consider your location
  • Choose your roof style
  • Order the materials
  • Get to work!

Our knowledgeable roofers will go over the above list with you and help you make the best choice of roofing style based on your unique situation. From there, you'll get a FREE estimate. If you wish to proceed, we'll do the rest!

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Industry-Leading Commercial Roofing in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Many business owners put off necessary commercial roof repairs because they don't want to interrupt the flow of business. However, a collapsed roof due to neglected damages might put a damper on your workday. The Elizabeth Roofers understands your concerns because we are business owners ourselves.

We will work around your schedule and create a safe environment for you and your customers. We work quickly and efficiently to finish up your commercial roof repairs so your business can get back to functioning normally. To ensure your business' roof stays safe and secure, we offer routine maintenance plans for your convenience.

The best thing you can do for your commercial property is to ensure its roof is leak-free, durable, and not compromised in any way. Call us now to schedule an inspection!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"When we discovered a leak in our 3-year old roof, we thought the worst. The Elizabeth Roofers provided a clear, concise inspection and roof estimate recommending roof repair. Definitely recommend their roof services! Fast & affordable!"
- Ross G.

Offering Comprehensive Roofing Services in Your Local Area

The Elizabeth Roofers make getting professional roof repair easy! If you work or live around the Massachusetts communities of Union, Linden, Irvington, Carteret, or Rahway, we invite you to call us for a FREE roofing estimate. We repair, install, replace, and inspect roofing systems in your local area, and we do it well!

We Rock Your Roof's World.

When your roof requires replacing, repair, or a thorough inspection, turn to the experts of The Elizabeth Roofers for affordable, comprehensive service. Call us at (908) 965-8553
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